Virgin River season 3 video: suspect emerges [Spoiler]is shooting

The big mystery of the upcoming third season of Virgin River just got a whole lot more interesting.

In TVLine’s exclusive preview of the Netflix drama’s return on July 9, Calvin confronts Brady about his denunciation to authorities, casually threatening to assassinate him “in time.” And that wasn’t even the part of their unsettling conversation that piqued our interest.

“On the bright side, I guess you tried to make it all up, given what happened to Jack,” Calvin told Brady.

Wait… is Calvin suggesting that Brady was the one who shot Jack in the show’s second season finale? Because my money was really on Charmaine with that one. (I’m mostly kidding, although Martin Henderson also joked that it was “most likely” Charmaine, telling TVLine, “It comes to mind!”)

Then again, it is probably too early to start jumping to conclusions. When we spoke with showrunner Sue Tenney in November 2020, she suggested that Jack’s shooter mystery could unfold “over multiple seasons.” As to how long Jack will need to recover before the action resumes, Tenney said we can expect “a bigger time jump than we had between seasons 1 and 2”.

Press PLAY on the video above for an exclusive first look at Virgin River Season 3 – you can also click here for a breakdown of everything we know so far – then drop a comment with your thoughts below. Who really shot Jack?

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