Virgin River Season 3 Trailer: Are Mel and Jack Ready to Start a Family?

Baby fever is sweeping Virgin River in season 3, as an extremely dramatic trailer for the upcoming third season of the Netflix drama reveals.

The good news, of course, is that Jack survived a bullet. And as soon as he’s back on his feet, the townspeople start doing what they do best: pushing him toward a happy future with Mel. “If you are smart, you will give this lady a ring and start a family,” a local told her.

This same subject is brought up again by Mel, who asks Jack how he would feel about having a baby. And although we didn’t hear her immediate response, he later told her, “I can’t be the one stopping you from becoming a mother.” And it doesn’t look great.

Here are some other interesting developments covered in the trailer for Season 3, which kicks off in all its glory in 10 episodes on Friday, July 9:

* We still don’t know exactly what condition Doc was diagnosed with, but when Mel asks him if he’s going blind, he responds with a “in a nutshell … maybe”.

* Charmaine, who is apparently in a new relationship with a dude named Todd, informs Jack that he is essentially “free” from any fatherly responsibilities.

* The identity of Jack’s gunman also remains a mystery, but he is clearly ready and willing to take the investigation into his own hands.

* And given the heat between her and Jack, we’re surprised it’s taken that long for Mel’s house to burn down, to be honest.

Based on Robyn Carr’s book series of the same name, Virgin River stars Alexandra Breckenridge as Melinda “Mel” Monroe, Martin Henderson as Jack Sheridan, Colin Lawrence as John “Preacher” Middleton , Lauren Hammersley as Charmaine Roberts, Annette O’Toole as Hope McCrea, Tim Matheson as Vernon “Doc” Mullins, Benjamin Hollingsworth as Dan Brady, Grayson Gurnsey as Ricky, Sarah Dugdale as Lizzie. and Marco Grazzini as Mike.

Season 3 welcomes several newcomers to Virgin River, including Zibby Allen (The Flash) as Jack’s sister Brie, described as a “smart, force-charged and cheeky lawyer” who turns out to be “a lot of fun. “. The show also features Stacey Farber (Superman and Lois) as Tara Anderson, Lilly’s daughter, who helps her mother raise new baby Chloe.

Press PLAY on the video above to watch the new Virgin River trailer, then Leave a comment with your hopes for Season 3.

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