Paul Rudd crushes Conan’s farewell week, reveals Mac and I origin story


A Paul Rudd in a tuxedo stopped in Conan on Monday for one last hurray… and one last prank.

Dating back to 2004 and as recently as October 2019 (watch here), every time Rudd appears on O’Brien’s show he brings with him and plays the same scene from Mac and Me – a science comedy – 1988 fiction in which he is not – rather than a scene from the project he is currently promoting.

On Monday’s show, Rudd crushed Bill Hader’s interview and discussed a cut-off sketch from Saturday Night Live that was so bad that Lorne Michaels dubbed it “the worst received skit ever.” . Rudd told Hader and O’Brien that he got the footage from the dress rehearsal – but, alas, it was Mac and me.

Afterward, Rudd revealed how the enduring late-night piece was born.

“I just remember [coming on your show] the very first time thinking, ‘It’s so artificial to come and sell your products and show a clip of your movie… What if I just show a clip from another movie?’ “, He explained. “We never talked about it, but I was like, ‘What if I show a clip of this movie that I saw a long, long time ago, is that really weird?'”

Rudd also revealed a second box office bomb that he considered splicing in 2004, before landing on Mac and Me:

O’Brien’s 28-year stint on late-night TV ends Thursday. As previously reported, it will continue to host its Conan Without Borders travel specials for TBS and launch a new weekly variety series for HBO Max, which is currently in development.

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