Lucifer’s Aimee Garcia on Ella’s Special Moment With … Daddy Morningstar: “It’s such a simple and lovely scene”


The following may contain a spoiler for Lucifer Season 5, Episode 14.

One of the most touching moments of Lucifer season 5 was a little tucked away in the middle of episode 14, in front of God said goodbye to his sons and to the Earth.

In the brief but important scene, forensic scientist Ella Lopez (played by Aimee Garcia) ponders a case (and questions some life choices) when God (guest star Dennis Haysbert) comes through his lab at LAPD .

Ella was established early on to be a person of faith (although she has faltered over the years), so there is a certain ironic beauty in the fact that she enjoys this one-on-one consultation with the man upstairs, although she only knows him to be the father of LAPD consultant Lucifer Morningstar.

“I can tell you are having trouble with something. Is there anything I can do to help? Asked his visitor with the unique listening. Ella sighed, “Not unless you can drive the darkness out of me.”

“It’s not about getting rid of it, it’s about accepting it,” Morningstar dad explained. Ella, however, insisted, “Mine is different, deeper…. It draws me to the wrong people. In fact, she went so far as to apply, “I think maybe I am a bad person.

But God, whatever his name, knows quite differently. “My child…. The darker the darkness, the brighter the light,” he testified, cradling his beaming face with his hand. “You, Miss Lopez, shine so, very brightly. I can see it. from heaven. (Metaphorically speaking, Lucifer’s mortal father surely meant.)

The magnitude of the exchange, even with an unconscious Ella, is not lost on Aimee Garcia.

“Ella had a crisis of faith a few seasons ago, so meeting her ‘rock’, meeting her North Star – but not knowing it’s him, and yet she’s still in awe – was so cool,” said Garcia said with TVLine. “It was fun to see Ella not realizing that he is God, and yet she definitely sees a light” in him, just like she did with Charlotte during Goddess’ time in Los Angeles. In this regard, “Ella has a bit of a spidey sense!” his portrait painter notes.

Written by Lucifer vet Chris Rafferty, “It’s such a simple scene, and that’s what I love about writers,” Garcia continues. “[Co-showrunners] Joe and Ildy and the writers give Ella these little scenes, but they’re so beautiful. “

It also doesn’t hurt to have a downright heavenly stage partner.

“Dennis Haysbert is physically very imposing, his voice has such baritone depth, and he has such gravity, and I’m like that little bee leaping into the stage…” Garcia observes with a chuckle. “Our essences are also very different, and it was fun to see this juxtaposition.

“I mean, Dennis is wonderful and lovable, and a class A actor,” she adds. “It’s not that hard to look him in the eye and be in that place with him, and have your eyes shining. He made it so easy.

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