Law & Order: SVU Final Recap: “Ship finally sets sail!” – Also, write it down!


Law & Order: SVU’s Season 22 finale featured Benson, Stabler, and a wedding. And while the process might not have gone the way fervent EO shippers might have wished, it certainly threw away a big bouquet to the ‘Rollisi’ admirers out there.

The announcement of Fin and Phoebe’s nuptials – which was scheduled for Memorial Day Friday weekend – kicked off on time. Soon Carisi was listed as an officiant and Olivia & Co. were eagerly awaiting their colleague’s big day.

Before that, however, the team investigated a woman who was suspected of being a sex worker but who was actually sexually trafficked in exchange for the possibility of living in a subsidized apartment with her young son. Turns out she was one of many women involved in a scam led by a respected social justice activist.

And elsewhere, Deputy Chief Garland was in hot water with his superiors over what he said in a deposition for the Jayvon Brown case. After formally apologizing for the systemic racism in the New York Police Department, Garland was chewed up by Chief McGrath and rejected by his fellow officers (but not, of course, Liv & Co.). He was then called in in front of his bosses, who chewed him up for what they perceived to be his “failure,” and it clearly hit him. Eventually, he got confirmation that the Old Guard was going to try to oust him. “I’m not going to take it easy,” he vowed.

Okay, back to marriage. Although he wanted to keep things small, Fin and Phoebe’s event continued to grow, leading to feuds between the bride and groom. Likewise, Carisi had an argument with his girlfriend, Nicole, when he mentioned that he always thought he would be married and have children at his age, and she retorted that weddings “are an institution. patriarchal designed to transfer a wife’s property from the father to the husband. Eventually, she decided that she would not attend her date.

But it turned out that Phoebe and Fin stood up in front of their friends and family to say, “We’re not getting married today.” Phoebe quickly made it clear that they weren’t going their separate ways – they just didn’t want to ruin a good thing. So the group had a party. Stabler arrived late and was only slightly surprised that he hadn’t missed much. At Rollins’ insistence, Carisi read the ceremony he had prepared – and she cried. He teased her, wiping her tears with his handkerchief then lovingly stroking her cheek before laughing that it was hokey. THEN SHE FUCKED HIM AND IT WAS AMAZING.

And then, to top off a nice evening, Stabler asked Liv how Fin and Phoebe met, and she said they were partners. WHAT LOOK DID THEY HAVE AFTER? I am dead. “To the partners,” she said, and they both raised their wine glasses.

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