Cruel Summer’s Olivia Holt breaks down ‘ultimate turning point’ in big Kate and Martin episode


Warning: The following contains spoilers for Tuesday Cruel summer. Proceed at your own risk!

“I wasn’t always locked in the basement.

With these words, the penultimate episode of Cruel Summer exposed the surprising turn of events leading up to Kate’s kidnapping.

After running away from home and coming to Martin’s house, the teenager formed a secret romantic relationship with the deputy principal. As the outside world searched for Kate, the couple hid behind the closed curtains and doors of Martin’s house, dreaming of the day Kate would be 18. But as the weeks turned into months, Kate felt homesick and choked on her trapping. After sneaking in the middle of the night to see his parents, Martin got angry. Then, when Kate said over Christmas dinner that she wanted to leave, Martin argued that her life would be over if people found out that she had stayed with him. Even though Kate was first scared of Martin at this point, she asked for her suitcase, which told her it was in the basement. As she was about to catch him, Martin locked her up.

Below, star Olivia Holt talks about the turning point filming, the crucial line of dialogue that led to Kate’s kidnapping and her close call with Jeanette, who broke into Martin’s house then. that Kate lived there. The actress also wonders if Kate’s new BFF Mallory is really her friend.

TV LINE | This is a great backstory episode where we learn a lot about what happened between Martin and Kate, and you’re in almost every scene. What was your filming experience like?
It was wild. Blake [Lee] and I, technically, lived in this house. We pretty much camped there. Our base camp was about 20 minutes from this location, so we kind of set up camp [at the house]. We had lunch there, brought our yoga mats and hung out in a room and just sort of chilled out in our free time. But it was a lot. It was like making a little mini-movie, in a way.

TV LINE | The subject you are dealing with in this episode is very sensitive. Did it add more pressure to get it right?
Of course. There was a lot of pressure to perform in a really honest and real way. There was a lot of communication between Blake and I and the creatives to make sure we were telling this story honestly, as it’s so often that we see on TV and film an older person and a younger person in the process. ‘be romanticized, but we don’t. I don’t want to glorify that, because it’s not OK. And yes, there was definitely some pressure, but first we had to educate ourselves a bit more on the concepts of grooming, gas lighting and handling and make sure we were really telling the story truthfully.

TV LINE | What kind of conversations have you had with Blake and the producers? Were there any specific scenes or lines of dialogue that you discussed?
We shot this episode in chronological order a lot because we don’t bounce back and forth as much [between] every year. Because we were in the same location, we were able to shoot everything in the same timeline as you see it, and I think our last day of filming was the Christmas dinner scene, and it was really important to have the correct dialogue. about it, because it’s the ultimate turning point for Martin and Kate. There’s actually a line where they’re sitting at the table and Kate wants to leave and Martin won’t let her, and she says, “You look a lot like -“, and he cuts her off and says, “What?” Your father? ”And she said,“ No, my kidnapper. ”And that specific interaction is so important to the audience, because I don’t think Martin ever planned to kidnap Kate, but I think in a way , what she says kind of gives her the idea. The dialogue in that episode was incredibly important, and especially in this scene, because of how important this scene was to the fate of Martin’s life and Kate.

TV LINE | It’s interesting that you say she kind of gave him the idea to kidnap her. Watching this episode, I couldn’t help but feel like she was captured by him long before he kidnapped her.
That’s right, and unintentionally, she was. There was a fear, obviously, that she would leave the house because he didn’t want anyone to know about it. So you’re right, but I don’t think he ever intentionally planned to lock her in the basement. But he knew what he was doing was wrong. I mean, he had curtains in the house. Throughout the episode, he finds new ways to keep her home and make sure no one knows she’s there.

TV LINE | There’s a really crucial scene where Jeanette breaks into the house and steals the snow globe and drops her necklace, and Kate keeps that to herself. The events there are a bit similar to what she told people about Jeanette seeing her and not helping her. Does Kate twist this scenario a bit to fit her story?
[Pauses] I think what we’re trying to say here is that this one, she finds the necklace, but Kate can’t say anything to any authority because she doesn’t want anyone to know that she’s there. I think the reason she keep it to herself [is] she’s young, she doesn’t really know what she’s doing. She wants to know, but she isn’t sure, and I think there are parts of her that twist things to fit her own narrative, but I don’t think she’s doing it intentionally. .

TV LINE | Kate’s therapist says that part of her maybe hoped that Jeanette would turn Martin into authority so that she didn’t have to leave him alone. Does that mean Kate thinks Jeanette saw her when she stole the snow globe? What would Jeanette denounce Martin at that time?
I don’t know if I can answer this without revealing it! I feel like it’s sneaky! [Laughs] It’s towards the end of the season, and I think everyone’s questions will be answered. So we are getting closer to the truth. But I think that part plays a huge role in the twist and ending. That’s all I’m going to say!

TV LINE | Did you have any concerns that Kate wasn’t telling everyone the truth with everyone about what had happened? Were you worried about how that would describe her as a character?
No, because everyone on the show has a truth and a lie, and I think, in the end, that she does well by what she sincerely believes to be true. Did she bend two or three things? Yes, but everyone too. I don’t think that affected me, because we’re all human and she’s young, and again, she desperately needs people to believe her. And so she will do what she has to do, just like Jeanette will.

TV LINE | We don’t see much of Mallory in this episode, but she and Kate formed a friendship in the timelines of 94 and 95. How trustworthy is Mallory?
[Laughs] I actually think Kate and Mallory’s relationship is the most honest relationship on the show.

TV LINE | A lot of people have theories about Mallory, and they’re not good theories.
I know. It all plays out in the final. Each character has an intention towards the two girls, and in the end, we’ll see why certain characters made the decisions they made. I know, right now Mallory is sort of on everyone’s list, but I think for good reason.

Cruel Summer fans, what did you think of the episode? Hit the comments with your theories and final predictions!

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