Bosch Jerry pinged the wire ?! Jamie Hector reacts to highly meta reveal from final season one


As Bosch got ready to tackle their final batch of cases, the Amazon Prime series took a moment to have some very meta fun, establishing that Detective Jerry Edgar is a huge fan of The Wire, the crime drama. from HBO on which actor Jamie Hector played Haitian drug dealer Marlo Stanfield.

About two-thirds of the way through the first episode of Season 7, Detective Collins (played by Carlos Miranda) pointed out to J. Edgar that a local drug lord known as La Mayorista “is an unusual woman. Looks like a banker, some kind of Stringer Bell woman. Collins then asked Jerry, “Are you watching The Wire…? “

“Yeah, I screwed him up,” Hector’s lawyer replied.

Breaking down this wonderful meta-revelation, Hector told TVLine, “Oh, Jerry must have gorged himself on The Wire! He had to binge on The Wire because 1) everyone’s talking about it, and 2) he’s raising two boys, so he might just start season 4 just to learn more about the education system, you know?

Jamie Hector on the wire

Hector went on to postulate that The Wire’s season-by-season narratives educated Jerry in multiple ways. “When Jerry says, ‘Harry, have you heard of this political situation going on? And Harry looks at him like, no, it’s over my salary, Jerry knows that, and he could get that information from The Wire. Politics, education, media…. Yes, I’m sure he went out on his own to have fun, learn, grow, be part of the chat, and also because he likes to be in the know. [when it comes to] fresh clothes, his anti-fly suit, his shoes, his perfume, his car, his lady…. Everybody talks about it [that show]. You don’t want to be left out of the loop.

Did Hector know that the connection was going to happen, that the proverbial currents were going to be crossed? In short, no. The dialogue which linked J. Edgar to the old Hector concert “escaped me”, attests the actor. “[Bosch EP] Eric Overmyer was also one of the writers on The Wire, so he’s a longtime friend, a great guy, and an amazing writer. I was glad to see him bring it. It was pretty cool!

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