America’s Got Talent Recap: ‘Worst Song In The World’ Leads To Golden Buzzer Win In Week 4 – Watch Video


Look, we’re not saying this week’s Golden Buzzer moment was secretly a marketing stunt for the upcoming Annie Live! from NBC, but we’re not saying it.

When singer Jimmie Herrod announced on the America’s Got Talent episode Tuesday that he was going to perform the iconic (and polarizing) show “Tomorrow,” Simon Cowell made it clear that an “X” was likely in his future.

“Are you serious?” asked the grumpy judge. “Do you know this is my worst song in the world? You should do another song. But when Herrod explained that it was the only song he had prepared for his audition, the only response Cowell could muster was “good luck.”

Spoiler alert: Herrod didn’t need Cowell’s approval, nor any additional “luck” for that matter. From its pretty start to its frenzied end, the performance has been flawless. Even Cowell gave him a standing ovation, calling him “amazing.”

Not only was the act universally loved by the judges, but Sofia Vergara took her appreciation a step further, shattering that Golden Buzzer and sending Herrod to live shows.

Additional acts continuing in the competition from week 4 include…

* Shuffolution, a group of party rockers that perpetuates the dream of LMFAO by bringing shuffling to the professional level. Click here to watch.

* Pam and Casper, a dog owner and her “singer” chihuahua, fresh out of their one and only gig at her office talent show. Click here to watch.

* Brooke simpson, a powerful singer who dreams of becoming the “first great indigenous pop star”. Click here to watch.

* Roman Kricheli, an act of contortion / escape so stressful that Vergara threatened to pull out her hair. Click here to watch.

* JW’s Inspirational Singers of NYC, a collection of artists living up to their band’s name with incredible voices and tap dancing! Click here to watch.

* The Incredible Shoji, a 9-year-old magician who plans to spend his millions of dollars in earnings on “tacos and a dog.” Watch:

* The other way, “The world’s gayest boy group” made up of five friends who met and met at drama camp. Click here to watch.

* Josh Blue, a stand-up comedian with cerebral palsy who wowed the judges with a refreshing blend of humor and brutal honesty. Click here to watch.

* Danila Bim, a dancer from Las Vegas who was lifted into the air (by her top knot?) for a show of grace and gravity-defying athleticism and crowd-pleasing. Click here to watch.

* Ryan Stock and Amberlynn, a dangerous act that returned for its third shot, having previously appeared on both AGT and AGT: The Champions. Unbeknownst to Vergara, Cowell conspired with the duo to make them believe he was hurt – a prank that led her to seek revenge at the end of the episode.

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