American Horror Stories teaser invites viewers to return to the house of murder

If you thought Rubber Man was terrifying, wait and see what Rubber Woman has up her sleeve. (Metaphorically speaking, of course. There’s no way this costume will come with sleeves.)

FX on Hulu has released the first official teaser for American Horror Stories, the upcoming AHS spin-off that tells a different nightmarish story every week, offering just a taste of the scares to come. And it all starts with a return inside the iconic mansion from Season 1 (aka Murder House).

American Horror Stories will release the first two of its seven episodes together on July 15, with an episode premiering every Thursday after that. This summer of scares continues with the premiere of American Horror Story: Double Feature – the 10th installment in the flagship series – on Wednesday, August 25 (FX, 10 / 9c).

The only recorded casting for an episode of American Horror Stories was earlier this month, again courtesy of Murphy. The series creator posted a behind-the-scenes photo of Kevin McHale (Glee), Dyllón Burnside (Pose), Charles Melton (Riverdale / AHS: Hotel) and Nico Greetham (The Prom) as “Fantastic Four”. We don’t know yet which episode will feature these characters, but we have no doubts that it will be… fantastic.

Press PLAY on the video above for a terrifying taste of what American Horror Stories has to offer, then drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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