Thomas Xavier drops the powerhouse anthem, ‘Ballin’

Thomas Xavier won us over with his EP Go To Church, now he’s back with “Ballin ‘”, a fascinating fusion of G-house, tech house and a touch of flavor that only he can bring. “Ballin ‘” marks the start of a teasing from his awaited EP Pussy On A Pedestal. If this next EP is anything like what “Ballin ‘” offers, the solo producer is going to woo people on the left and right with this entertaining experience.

Signed on iamrecords, Thomas Xavier has now signed on 2 different labels on 2 different EPs. There are many signs that this man is on the rise, only increased momentum seems to be coming his way.

Offering a club style all of its own, the Thomas Xavier chops shown once again on this single are simply something not to be missed.

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