The Effens unveil new single “Punishment”: Stream

The Effens have released “Punishment,” the latest single from their upcoming EP, Eventually, which will be released on July 30 via Hidden Pony.

The new track evokes turn-of-the-century alternative rock and is a twisted love song about how someone can manipulate another person while appearing to take care of them. “So sweet, closer to me / Now that you’re weak, someone to hold you,” singer Austin Nops sings. “As always, all you need, someone to feed you.”

In a statement, the Toronto quartet explained the meaning of “Punishment”:

“Being a caregiver can become such a deeply ingrained part of who you are that you don’t really want the person you are ‘caring for’ to be better. This song is written from the point of view of someone who sabotages an individual just enough that they are unable to become independent and continue to rely on their “caregiver”. Rather than using the loud / silent dynamics of our previous singles, this song intertwines mechanical and organic elements. It’s very inhuman in its instrumentation, but we combined that with a vulnerability in our voice.

Eventually self-recorded and produced in the basement of Nops’ grandfather’s house. Drawing inspiration from ’90s grunge and early indie rock, the project features previous singles like “Venom Denim” from last month.

Stream The Effens’ “Punishment” below.

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