Sky Society and singer Ehiorobo operate on “Holy Time” with new single [LISTEN]

Sky Society is the magnificent ship guided by DJ / producer Juany Santos. The name Sky Society is an ode to Santos’ zodiac sign, Aquarius, and his natural connection to the cosmos and his fascination with what is happening in the vast galaxies above us.

Over the years, Santos has established Sky Society as a pioneering brand where creativity knows no bounds. The music is iconic and truly unique to Santos, which is why we’re so excited about his latest release, “Holy Time,” a collaboration with immensely Monstercat singer Ehiorobo.

“Holy Time” is no exception to the great things we’ve come to expect from Sky Society. Together the two make an incredible team, featuring Ehiorobo’s haunting and sultry voice over the hypnotic rhythms of Santos.

“Holy Time” was crafted honoring the union of male and female divine energies as one, and is visualized in the ceremonial music video anchored by Ehiorobo’s vocal timbres and inspired by his Nigerian / Dominican roots / Jamaica-American.

Ehiorobo explains:

“As a Nigerian, Dominican, Jamaican-American, I grew up around my family playing Afrobeat, Soca and Merengue at family celebrations. In an effort to uplift the works of artists who represent my heritage, my wardrobe in the clip was brought in by a young Nigerian designer (Taofeek Abijako, “head of state”) who is making a big splash in his industry in creating pieces that celebrate its cultural origin.

In addition to the song, they also released a music video to provide a sensational viewing experience. Ehiorobo’s music video wardrobe was also created by a young Nigerian designer (Taofeek Abijako, “head of state”) who is making waves in the fashion world by creating unique pieces that celebrate his cultural background .

Sky Society and Ehiorobo have been friends for quite some time and it’s amazing to hear the sonic connection they have. We can’t wait to learn more about them two, but until then, enjoy “Holy Time” below!

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