Skrillex, Noisia, Josh Pan & Dylan Brady Team Up For Breathtaking “Supersonic”

josh casserole and Dylan brady originally released “Supersonic” on OWSLA in 2019, and it wasn’t long before Skrillex and Noisia got their hands on the single for an impromptu remix that has kept fans waiting for years. Now in 2021, the four artists are teaming up for a pure reimagining of the single with a brand new release, “Supersonic (My Existence)”.

Filled with intricate synths and chords, not to mention playing with elements of rhythm, tempo and more, the song is an easily accessible beauty but still wildly experimental. If you’re one of the Skrillex fans who haven’t been so excited about his previous two singles this year, this one is definitely going to scratch that itch.

Find out below!

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