Seven Lions, Trivecta and Blanke date Ultra Collab, “Wild & Broken” ft RBBTS

Seven Lions just dropped one of his last big collaborations, this time teaming up with Trivecta, Blanke, and RBBTS. Trivecta previously teamed up with Seven Lions on the massive hit “Island” in 2019, and Blanke remixed “Another Way,” but this is the first time the three have collaborated on the same track together.

The song begins with beautiful RBBTS vocals before ending up with a healthy and anthemic bridge. The fall is intensely joyful and perfectly indicative of each artist’s ability to produce incredible and uplifting music. But, as we’ve heard in the past, every artist is equally capable of creating devastating and heavy music … that’s exactly where the second drop comes in.

After another healthy bridge, he falls into an uptempo dubstep section which is linked to the perfect headbanging tempo.

Finally, a third drop combines the heavy and the melodic for a perfect finish for a festival.

Check out the full track below !!

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