Sad! Donald Trump closes his blog after less than a month

It was the most beautiful blog in history: hotter than Donald Trump’s steaks, more magnanimous than Trump Foundation charities, and even busier than the former president’s inauguration. Now it is no more. Less than a month after launching From the Desk of Donald Trump with the promise to “redefine the game,” 45 closed his blog and moved on.

After most social media platforms banned Trump in the wake of the Jan.6 Capitol uprising, his aides approached Fox News with a sales pitch. The blog is said to be “the hottest post” on social media, according to senior advisor Jason Miller, attracting “tens of millions of people” in three months. “It’s going to completely redefine the game,” he said, “And everyone is going to wait and watch to see what exactly President Trump is doing.”

But “everyone” did nothing of the sort. According to a Washington Post analysis, Trump’s website “attracted fewer estimated visitors than pet adoption service Petfinder and recipe site Delish.”

On top of that, the blog posts were meant to help circumvent social media bans, encouraging his supporters to share Trump’s thoughts even if Trump himself couldn’t post. But they were only shared on Facebook about 2,000 times a day, a far cry from last year when his page recorded tens of millions of interactions every week. Overall social engagement on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and Pinterest has declined by around 95% since January. Now, the old link for From the Desk of Donald Trump redirects to an alert sign-up page.

Still, the 2024 campaign is only a few years away and Trump seems determined to reconnect with his old audiences. On June 2 on Twitter, a former Nevada GOP president questioned if this was the “precursor to his joining another social media platform?” His advisor Miller replied, “Yes, actually, that’s true. Stay tuned!”

It’s unclear how the political landscape will change by the mid-term of 2022, let alone the 2024 presidential election. But Trump has spent quite a bit of energy in the office complaining about Jeff Bezos, and he is. definitely feels a little nervous now; after Amazon’s $ 8.45 billion acquisition of MGM, The Apprentice’s legendary racist gangs belong to its former antagonist.

Yes, it actually is. Stay tuned!

– Jason Miller (@JasonMillerinDC) June 2, 2021

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