Rivers Cuomo and Kelsey Grammer join forces for the Space Between: Stream soundtrack

Kelsey Grammer stars as a stranded rock star in his latest film, The Space Between, in which he performs music written by Rivers Cuomo. After the film was released on digital platforms earlier this week, the soundtrack is now available to stream on Apple Music and Spotify.

The story centers on Micky Adams (Grammer) as a once chart-topping rockstar who is in danger of being abandoned by his label because of the experimental albums he continues to tour. Eventually, the label sends a young and hungry mailroom worker, Charlie Porter (Jackson White), to Adams Beach’s remote home in order to convince him to voluntarily give up the contract. In the process, the two form an unlikely bond.

Spanning 11 tracks, The Space Between soundtrack primarily features Grammer’s songs from the film, but also provides insight into Cuomo’s creative process with three demo tracks. AWOLNATION makes an appearance alongside Cuomo on “Lashes”.

Last week Cuomo unloaded on Pitchfork with Weezer’s new diss track “Tell Me What You Want”. The song follows the site’s mixed reception for the band’s latest album, Van Weezer, which our own Tyler Clark described as “halfway between a serious love letter and the sonic equivalent of a child. smashing Sammy Hagar and David Lee Roth action figures together. As for Grammer, The Space Between arrives ahead of a recently confirmed reboot of Frasier that will air on Paramount +.

The space between the works:

The space between the track list:
01. Rivers Cuomo feat. AWOLNATION – Come with me
02. Kelsey Grammer – They don’t know
03. Kelsey Grammer – Guiding the Light
04. Kelsey Grammer – I see the colors
05. Kelsey Grammer – Still Dreaming
06. Kelsey Grammer – Rogue Wave
07. Kelsey Grammer – J Is for Joy (Live)
08. Volker Bertelmann – Alchemy
09. Rivers Cuomo – Always dreaming (Demo)
10. Rivers Cuomo – I see the colors (demo)
11. Rivers Cuomo – J Is for Joy (Demo)

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