Principe shares John Denver’s infectious overhaul of “country roads”

On the occasion of the release of his debut single, US producer Principe has just shared a contagious revamp of John Denver’s “Country Roads” via Fine Business Music, an undisputed country classic that has enjoyed huge international success in the music industry. 1970s. Showcasing its unparalleled production skills, Principe is able to infuse ‘country roads’ with a whole new modern flavor, while retaining the classic feel of the original. Soft piano chords lead the way beneath familiar vocal melodies, before powerful kicks and groovy basslines take over, making up for instant summer success.

“From Ibiza to Los Angeles, I plan to have a smash this summer at all the best summer parties, barbecues and hangouts. I believe this record has the power to connect people in this fragile time we live in, ”said the producer.

Principe was born and raised in Los Angeles and aims to do one thing with his music: “to fold the conventional limits of music and create unique soundscapes for people”. After spending years playing traditional acoustic instruments, Principe got her first pair of turntables at the age of 10 and quickly began to build her vinyl collection, filled with house, techno and hip-hop from the locals. 90s. Now Principe has spent most of the last year locked in the studio working on his debut album, and we couldn’t be more excited to hear more from him.

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