[PREMIERE] Maliboux releases a new clip for “Freakshow” via Space yacht

Maliboux just released their new banger last Friday, and the clip was released today via Space Yacht.

The song itself is exactly what you want in rush hour, full of exceptionally wobbly basslines and a memorable vocal hook that will have you singing around the club as you twist a few screws to get lost with it all. the headbanging you do.

“This song was originally created as an intro to my first tour in early 2020 before the pandemic,” explains Maliboux. “I wanted him to have dark, menacing energy. I envisioned a real monster show (hence the title) from the late 19th century and tried to create a song that would mimic the weird vibes you might feel watching it at the time.

Shot and directed by Brendyn Gilbert and Ricky Lawrence, the video is kept relatively straightforward, with a single man dancing in a frame in a bare warehouse. Strobe lights and dance moves (dancer: Vinny Balbo) that combine contemporary and seemingly krump elements, are all it takes to deliver a captivating viewing experience while the song plays overhead.

“Initially we wanted to do a dance piece that reflected an artificially intelligent man becoming aware of himself throughout the routine,” explained Brendyn, “and once we heard ‘Freakshow’ from Maliboux, c it was like a puzzle fell into place and we finally got our song. We then called our friend Vinny Balbo who is this amazing contemporary improvisational dancer and he brought the whole thing to life.

Watch the video below!

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