Pendulum completes first EP in 11 years with Hybrid Minds collaboration, “Louder Than Words”

Eleven years ago Pendulum released their latest album, Immersion. Subsequently, Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen will tour the world as the Knife Party as El Hornet continued the legacy of Pendulum concerts with loud DJ sets. But, we always knew that the amazing drum & bass team would return one day.

Today marks the release of the group’s first major project in 11 years, the EP Elemental. After the release of “Driver”, “Nothing For Free” and “Come Alive”, they end the EP with the release of “Louder Than Words”, their collaboration with Hybrid Minds.

Overall, Elemental does a phenomenal job of showing that Pendulum hasn’t lost a step at all over the past decade, as the sonic elements of Hold Your Color, In Silico, and Immersion permeate every track. That being said, each track is also a clear evolution of their old sounds as they work to incorporate more advanced techniques and compositions into their repertoire.

Listen to Elemental and their new collaboration with Hybrid Minds below.


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