Mick Jenkins shares video for new song “Truffles”: watch

Mick Jenkins is back with a new song called “Truffles”. It is produced by Monte Booker and features a visual by Andre Muir. Watch the quietly eerie video below.

“‘Truffles’ attempts to respond to the idea that darkness, no matter what, can always be turned into a weapon,” Jenkins said in a statement. “From a young man committing a crime, to being somewhere we are not ‘supposed’ to be, to even being an agent of change in our own community and in others. It’s a statement you can hear about black people from all walks of life, especially when doing something unconventional in white spaces. As complex as Fred Hampton, or as simple as moving to a nice neighborhood, we can still be seen as ‘n — as creating problems’.

Jenkins’ last feature film was The Circus EP in 2020. Read “Mick Jenkins Wants to Give You a Piece of His Mind” on the Pitch.

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