Martin Garrix Teases Festival-Style Remix of “We Are The People” With Bono & The Edge

Martin Garrix give his huge blow with Bono and the edge An upgrade.

“We Are The People,” the official UEFA EURO 2020 theme song, gets a fitting festival remix treatment with epic dance fills and booming energy on the floor. The 14-second snippet below teases an uplifting and euphoric take on the collaborative single, with layers of new additions to liven up the mix.

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While no release date is provided, the remix is ​​expected just in time for festival season. Garrix echoes that excitement in the post below – “TIME FOR THE FESTIVAAALS!”

From sports fans to U2 fanatics, “We Are The People” has already made a lasting impression. Now the collaboration has the potential to reach a whole different audience with this upcoming remix.

Listen here and let us know what you think!

“We are the people” (Martin Garrix Remix)

Garrix Remix coming soon… IT’S FESTIVAAALS TIME. who is ready?

– MARTIN GARRIX (@MartinGarrix) June 14, 2021

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