Marshmello & Eptic Unleash Aggressive Banger, “Hitta” ft. Juicy J [LISTEN]

Marshmello, Eptics and Juicy J have joined forces on an unexpected new collaboration, “Hitta”, released today.

Signature synths and trap sounds open the track and Juicy J controls it from there with an instant hook. As aggressive as the vocal performance can be, the drops hit just as hard, as Eptic’s unmistakable style tears the mix apart and Marshmello brings it together with its own distinct flair.

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It’s safe to say no one saw this one coming, which makes “Hitta” even more impactful. Marshmello and Juicy J have teamed up before, however, on their emotional 2018 track “You Can Cry” with James Arthur.

Marshmello recently said it’s “album time” – so brace yourself for a lot more where it’s coming from.

Listen now!

Marshmello & Eptic – “Hitta” ft. Juicy J

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