King Princess releases new song “House Burn Down”: Stream

King Princess keeps details of her second album under her crown, but after the recent singles “PAIN” and “Only Time Makes It Human”, she has now dropped the new song “House Burn Down”.

“House Burn Down” is a pop version of self-destruction, with verses backed up by soft guitar riffs that explode into a fiery chorus. “Woah-oh,” she sings, “And I’m just waiting for this house to burn down.” The presentation is harsh even as the lyrics creep. “Damn, you’re good when you say you love me,” she cooed, adding, “Damn, you’re good when you don’t give me anything.”

The track has long been a fan favorite, as KP shared in a recent interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe. She explained,

“I’m so excited it’s coming out because my fans have been…. My sweet, sweet hens, have been asking for this song forever and I played it on tour, and I didn’t give them the recording version because I didn’t have one. I always had so much fun playing this live and then I started getting encouragement online. And I think it’s a really special thing to see someone who’s been invested in something that doesn’t even tell you, “Please give us this.” So I felt really lucky that this happened. It was right. It was fortuitous.

Check out “House Burn Down” after the jump. In the same interview, King Princess confirmed that she is working on the 2019 Cheap Queen follow-up, saying it will be mixed in August. During her forties, she gave an NPR Tiny Desk concert (at home) and officially released “Ohio.” On June 17, she will be hosting her Heartbreak Odyssey virtual event in which she will unveil new products and tickets will be available on the event website.

Illustration “House Burn Down”:

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