Idris Elba releases the club’s addicting track, “Fudge” ft. Eliza legzdina [LISTEN]

Idris elbe just released a hot new record for clubs, “Fudge” with Eliza legzdina.

“Fudge” is as addicting as it gets, as underground techno house meets pop in this versatile and understated radiator. Bouncy rhythm and grainy undertones control the track, as Eliza serves up an unfiltered lyrical confidence, only to be eclipsed by her truly unique flow.

Elba reveals to

Fudge is the first track in a new music series coming from me and my London based label 7Wallace. I did the track while filming in Australia and wanted to do a summer banger that we could listen to in the clubs that we all missed so much.

As much as we can’t take our ears off the production, we can’t take our eyes off the clip. Bold images and lyrics scroll across the screen as the dirty beat beats. At the end of the song, “Fudge” will have you singing – who is it?

Listen now!

Idris Elba – “Fudge” ft. Eliza legzdina

Photo via DRB for insomniac events

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