H Mart’s Crying Japanese Breakfast Memories Made Into Movie

Crying in H Mart, the first book by Michelle Zauner from Japanese Breakfast, is in the process of being adapted for the cinema. MGM’s Orion Pictures has acquired the rights to the adaptation, which will be produced by Stacey Sher and Jason Kim. The soundtrack will be created by Japanese Breakfast.

Michelle Zauner said in a statement: “It is a surreal pleasure to have the opportunity to commemorate my mother in a film, and I consider it the greatest honor to continue this task alongside such creative luminaries as Stacey Sher. , Jason Kim and Orion Pictures. “

In August 2018, Zauner published the New Yorker essay “Crying in H Mart” on her late mother and memorabilia from the titular Korean-American supermarket chain. A few months later, she signed her book deal for Crying in H Mart, which was finally released in April 2021.

Michelle Zauner’s third Japanese Breakfast album, Jubilee, arrived last week. Read Pitchfork’s article “Japanese Breakfast Relieves Pain”.

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