Ghost In Real Life Releases Captivating First EP “The Invisible Enemy” [LISTEN]

Ghost in real life is taking the world of traps by storm with his brand new four-track EP.

The invisible enemy is spellbinding and theatrical, delving deep into the creative mind of DJ / producer / singer Ghost in Real Life, otherwise abbreviated as GIRL. Thoughtful melodies are seamlessly integrated with harsh, experimental trap elements as the producer makes a statement with her debut.

“Art of Destruction” serves as a fitting intro with dramatic construction before a frenzy of indomitable synths joins the party. GIRL’s second solo offering, “Breath of Sakura” plunges into a more emotional atmosphere with sounds of the world in full screen.

“War Zone” collaborations with BLZBO and the title song “The Invisible Enemy” with LVRK introduce even more talent and personality into the mix as this gritty and relentless journey of traps continues.

Listen here and tune in with Ghost in Real Life below!

Ghost in Real Life – The Invisible Enemy EP

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