FuntCase Goes Melodic By Teaming Up With Dia Frampton For “Flames”

FuntCase, known the world over for his aggressive, chest-breaking dubstep, is back on Circus Records today with a unique melodic offering, “Flames”, starring Dia Frampton.

Frampton has previously collaborated with Illenium and The Crystal Method, she has co-written and performed singles for some of the industry’s most respected musicians – Kaskade, M83, Jason Ross, Watsky and Lindsey Stirling, to name but a few. some. Needless to say, her accolades speak for themselves, and it’s no wonder FuntCase teamed up with her on her first non-heavy outing.

Haunting piano notes and Dia’s vocals introduce the song, leading to a melodic and anthemic rise coupled with a few snare rolls at the drum line. It doesn’t take long before the synth’s surge arrives before release, and regular FuntCase fans might expect its normal shift to something heavier. Instead, we get an absolutely brilliant melodic dubstep drop that easily collides with the best of them.

This is meant to be a masterpiece of FuntCase and one that took it to another level yet. Find out below!

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