Dillon Francis goes further with Drove on new EP single, “Together”

Drove just released his new EP, Dawn, on Martin Garrix’s STMPD RCRDS, the sequel to his EP Dusk earlier this year. On one of the new singles he teams up with Francois Dillon again for “Together”.

“We already collaborated with Dillon on our previous EP ‘Dusk’ which reached 3M + streams,” explains Drove. “When we told Dillon about a ‘Dusk’ sequel, he wanted to join us right away. This time around, we went for a darker themed production, which resulted in our brand new song, Together.”

As Drove says, “Together” is definitely a darker production that hovers on the edge of deep house, very different from Dillon’s latest single, “Unconditional”. The new collaboration has a haunting and melancholy melody coupled with an airy voice and a pulsating, almost hypnotic rhythm.

Listen to the new single below and check out the full EP here.

Photo by Shane McCauley

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