Dan Harmon and Nathan Pyle adapt Strange Planet for Apple TV + animated series

Over the past few years, Nathan Pyle has become an internet sensation thanks to Strange Planet, his beloved webcomic series in which aliens describe everyday human things in otherwise bizarre terms. Now, Pyle’s web comics turned graphic novels become an Apple TV + show with help from Dan Harmon.

According to Deadline, Pyle and Harmon will be producing the new show together. When placing a direct order for the Strange Planet series, the streaming giant also brought in Joe Pera Talks with You and Over the Garden Wall writer Amalia Levari as showrunner. Apple Studios and ShadowMachine, the animation studio behind Bojack Horseman, will also produce the series.

Pyle has two books to his credit and still regularly publishes comics online, but Strange Planet is by far his biggest hit with over six million Instagram followers. It follows “beings” with big eyes and vibrant blue as they experience life on their planet which, by coincidence, looks a lot like Earth. It might sound confusing or boring in concept, but it’s delightfully comical in practice, like when aliens describe a tan as “sun damage” or sneezing as “blast of facial fluid.” It’s best understood through visual medium, so the Apple TV + adaptation should make another perfect fit. Check out some comics below.

This is the last project to land on Harmon’s rather prolific plate. The creator behind Community and Rick and Morty has also been working hard on Krapopolis, his new Fox show which takes place in ancient Greece and features bizarre bits of mythology like Olympic deities, monstrous creatures, and (gasp!) A functioning democracy. . It is currently scheduled to debut in 2022.

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