Creator Tyler shares new “Side Street” teaser: watch

The mysterious unfolding of Tyler, the creator’s new album, continues with “Side Street”, a 40-second teaser with a twisted ending.

Album indexes started dropping last week with a secret website and billboard appearing to be promoting something called Call Me If You Get Lost. “Side Street” doesn’t offer much new context, unless you think of the sunny woods as a glimpse of Tyler’s sonic palette. Instead, it’s more of a skit. The rapper is seen on the hood of a pink car, holding a dog’s leash and kissing a woman. We won’t spoil the surprise at the end, but it features a cameo by Taco Bennett, former student of Tyler’s Odd Future collective and current Dave co-star from FXX. Check out “Side Street” below.

Tyler, the creator’s last album was Igor of 2019. Earlier this year he unveiled a new song for a Coca-Cola commercial, and in 2020 he collaborated with artists such as Channel Tres and Freddie Gibbs and The Alchemist. .

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