Aaron Carter knocked out in celebrity boxing match

The last time we heard from former child pop star Aaron Carter, he was doing porn. On Saturday night, Carter, 33, briefly resurfaced to participate in a celebrity boxing match against former NBA player Lamar Odom. I say “briefly” because it took Odom two minutes to take Carter out.

In Carter’s defense, at 6-foot-10, Odom is a foot taller than Carter and weighs over 65 pounds heavier. As soon as the two appeared next to each other in the ring, it was obvious that Odom would have no trouble fending off the famous tattoo and gun lover.

That said, Carter talked a lot of shit ahead of the fight, comparing himself to Apollo Creed and promising to drop Odom “like a bat habit, and I really meant it.”

Once the match started, Odom allowed Carter to wave his arms for a few seconds before the basketball player repeatedly landed head after shot. In a last ditch effort, Carter circled aimlessly around the ring, but eventually found himself on the mat after Odom made a few knockouts. Watch all the highlights (??) below.

The fight was the main event of a celebrity boxing promotion hosted by Ice-T and his wife Coco.

Lamar Odom and Aaron Carter fight …

And Odom just knocked over Carter pic.twitter.com/XB869Xtn4y

– The Action Network (@ActionNetworkHQ) June 12, 2021

Lamar Odom wins over Aaron Carter with a second round knockout pic.twitter.com/0o3FcJmPX7

– Elite Media Group (@TheEliteMedia_) June 12, 2021

How was it even from a distance a fair fight? Lamar is 10 inches taller and 65 pounds heavier than Carter. pic.twitter.com/30exy2TXIL

– GT (@NvictusManeo) June 12, 2021

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