A-Trak, Princess Nokia and Cookiee Kawaii to perform with AI-DJs at WarpSound Music Experience

The first event of its kind will feature sets from Princess Nokia, Cookiee Kawaii to join A-Trak and virtual artists Nayomi, DJ Dragoon and Gnar Heart, with original music from the Generative and adaptive AI-driven virtual DJs: the public will be able to influence the set from their mobile phone in real time.

The 2021 Tribeca Festival will feature an impressive lineup of immersive Cinema360 pieces, but only one promises musical performances from both a hyper-creative, semi-reptilian DJ and a former DMC turntable world champion.

Taking place Wednesday, June 16 at 5 p.m. ET, Authentic Artists’ WarpSound Music Experience will be a one-of-a-kind, audience-interactive live music showcase that pairs three dynamic human artists with three founding members of WarpSound. collective of virtual artists.

WarpSound headliners Nayomi, the cyborg queen of lo-fi, DJ Dragoon, a reptilian DJ who takes the energy of monsters to a whole new level, and Gnar Heart, a friendly AI bunny, reprogrammed to “shred the gnar IRL and virtual artists will team up for a series of genre-defining and mind-blowing duets.

Although WarpSound Music Experience is currently sold out, those lucky enough to have a ticket to the Tribeca Festival should make sure they are at Waterfront Plaza in Brookfield Place to participate in this historic musical collaboration between man and woman. machine.

Photo via Rukes.com

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