Shazam 2’s Zachary Levi responds to DC fans after new Marvel family costumes reveal

When it comes to blockbuster superhero movies, spoilers are the enemy, and most of the time you see these great movies doing whatever can be done to prevent the leaks from escaping. Movies sometimes go to great lengths, even preventing actors from seeing entire scripts just so they can’t accidentally reveal things that happen. And then sometimes the director of Shazam: Fury of the Gods just tweets pictures of Zachary Levi and his costars in their brand new superhero costumes.

While the decision to reveal the new Shazam family costumes was of course part of the marketing plan, it was still a surprise when director David F. Sandberg posted the photo to Twitter a few days ago. However, no good deed goes unpunished, and while the response to the new costumes has been overwhelmingly positive, some have criticized the new looks. Specifically, some believe that the costumes of the female heroes are more revealing than their male counterparts and that the new costumes are less colorful than those seen in the original Shazam !.

Zachary Levi took to Twitter after the costume was revealed and he addressed the criticisms directly. He thanked those who praised the new look, and he promised those who had concerns that they didn’t need to worry so much. Levi tweeted …

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