Salem’s Lot wants Jake Gyllenhaal in mind?

Spider Man: Far From Home star Jake Gyllenhaal set to appear in Stephen King’s latest remake, new reports Lot of Salem. King’s work has seen a rise recently, including the much-loved IT, redesign of The Stand, a recently announced reboot of Christine and Lisey’s Story currently streaming on AppleTV +. There have been over 50 adaptations of King’s work of which Salem’s Lot has already seen a TV movie and miniseries produced. With a few notable exceptions, such as The Dark Tower, King’s recent on-screen work has not only been prolific but profitable, and Salem’s Lot is likely to be another hit for the horror master.

In 2019, New Line Cinema announced that they were preparing to adapt the second novel by Stephen king, which was originally released in 1975. With James Wan reportedly producing, with Gary Dauberman also being in charge of writing and directing, it looks like they’re on to a winner before just one scene does. has been shot. Reports that Gyllenhaal was approached for the lead role of Ben Mears surfaced on today, claiming that an official offer has been made to the Brokeback Mountain actor to appear in the role played. by David Soul in the 1979 film and Rob Lowe. in the 2004 miniseries.

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While any further casting news is still scarce, it is believed that the latest Blofeld in the James Bond franchise, Christopher Waltz, is racing to play the villainous Straker, a mysterious character who arrives in the small town of Jerusalem’s Lot. with dark cargo in tow. With his recent portrayal of Bond’s nemesis, Waltz is certainly capable of pulling the kind of brooding threat required for the role, and would be an ideal candidate to succeed James Mason who first appeared in the role. As of yet, however, it’s unclear whether Waltz has been approached by the studio.

Salem’s Lot is currently set to begin filming in the fall, and while no release date has been set at this time, the final film would be expected to arrive in late 2022 at the earliest. It remains to be seen if Jake gyllenhaal signs in play, but the idea of ​​what he might bring to the new version is an exciting prospect for fans of the actor and the novel. With impressive credentials under her belt, we’d be set for an engrossing performance that would certainly surpass her predecessors as Mears. In addition to his serious roles in Brokeback Mountain and Jarhead, he’s also recently gone more fantastic with his appearance in Spider-Man: Far From Home as Mysterio, and of course we can’t forget, or explain in the Most of the time, his decisive role in Donnie Darko.

With a long way to go, it will likely be some time before we see any production details, additional cast, or a view of what the movie is actually going to look like. King fans like me will be anxious to hear more if filming begins as planned in September.

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