Mighty Goose Review – Who Gave This Goose A Gun?

Once a staple of 16-bit systems, snipers have found a second life with the advent of lower-cost digital titles. Posted by Playism, Mighty goose is the latest to feature fun, retro-inspired designs from classics like Metal slug while also mixing in some irreverent goose-based humor to make things a little more silly. With an array of powerups, vehicle sections for variety, and unlockable sidekicks, Blastmode and MP2 Games’ shooter ticks all the boxes for a modern title in the genre, but does nothing to advance or advance it. makes you excel in any field.

Mighty goose is consistent with other games in the genre. There are dozens of enemies running towards your character, which you mow down by pressing the fire button countless times (although there is an option to let you hold fire in the menu). As you deal with the generic robotic-looking enemies, you’ll see a meter grow that ultimately unleashes a powerful attack that can change the tide of even the most intense battle. Knowing when to pop that gauge turns out to be key to many of the game’s more difficult encounters, as a screen full of enemies can easily be cleared when triggered. This leads to comeback moments that keep the gameplay enjoyable despite the repetition.

There are a number of unlockables and pickups that range from buddies with their own abilities to additional skills you can equip your goose with. But you can’t get all of the awesome powers as they each consume energy and you have a limited supply, making players choose which perks they will take in levels. Finding a playstyle that works is important, but the limited amount of energy ultimately hampers how enjoyable combat can be rather than creating a rewarding difficulty curve. It is a limitation that slows down the game.

Levels in Mighty goose range from alien-inspired planets to generic battle pits that painfully toss hundreds of enemies without checkpoints. The checkpoint system is generally quite useful, but some subsequent boss fights don’t have one at all despite offering multiple forms. Looks like it could be a glove that tests the player’s skills, but it ends up being more of a pain.

Driving tanks in racing shooters and guns is usually a good time and it holds true here. The semi-rigid flight sections are not as strong as the ground combat, but they add variety; a necessary characteristic for such a repetitive title. While there are unique enemies in different worlds, you end up seeing way too many of the same grunts, and the combat just isn’t rewarding enough on its own to make these encounters feel anything but filler.

Unfortunately, Mighty goose never manages to reach the climaxes that separate the best run-and-gun shooters from games simply inspired by them. Although competent and without any glaring problems, the action is ultimately pale compared to Gunstar hero, Horse riders at sunset, and Metal slug 3, who are all over 20 years old. With none of this romance to offer the genre other than some admittedly hilarious goose-based humor filled with horns, it’ll just leave you wanting to play one of the classics instead.

Goal: 6/10

As ComingSoon’s review policy explains, a score of 6 equates to “decent” because it does not reach its full potential and is an ordinary experience.

Disclosure: The publisher has provided a PlayStation 5 copy for our Mighty goose see again.

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