Loki Marks Greatest Original Debut on Disney +

Not content with becoming Disney + ‘s biggest Marvel TV show, Disney CEO Bob Chapek has confirmed that the God Of Mischief spinoff series has surpassed every other original release to come to the platform since launch. a little over a year ago. This means that the opening episode of Loki was watched by more people during its opening week than the stage movie Hamilton, Pixar’s Soul Premier, and even the massive Star Wars series The Mandalorian, and the week isn’t even over yet. Considering the growing popularity of all previous Marvel series over the course of their run, what kind of numbers Loki’s latest episode will receive is one to guess.

When WandaVision arrived on Disney +, it set the bar for the future release of other announced Marvel series. While impressive in every way, The Falcon And The Winter Soldier quickly took the crown from Scarlet Witch and laid down a gauntlet for the latest in the current live-action spin-off series. It was immediately clear on his debut last Wednesday that Loki would easily become the new darling of the Marvel series trilogy, but no one had really anticipated how far his wings would unfold.

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While Marvel is arguably Disney’s biggest concern, there are plenty of other big guns in its arsenal, and it probably was never quite intended that Loki would succeed in eclipsing all of them, even more impressive considering the risky decision to release new episodes of the series on a Wednesday rather than the regular Friday slot. However, it would appear that, as the man himself said, Wednesday is the new Friday, and the bet is more than successful.

Tom Hiddleston’s return as Loki was also different from his predecessors by having a longer gap before his release. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier started almost as soon as WandaVision ended, meaning many fans of one were transported straight into the next. Loki waited six months after The Falcon and The Winter Soldier climax, and some feared the gap would kill the momentum Marvel was building. Instead, the delay seemed to only bolster demand for Loki’s opening episode, and the debut position as Disney + ‘s top performer says a lot about the powerful machine the studios have become. Marvel, without anything being released in the past decade. Success.

As Marvel now prepares to kick off Phase Four of the MCU for real with Black Widow finally arriving in theaters in less than a month, all eyes will be on this film to see how the Marvel Cinematic Universe performs on it. big screen following the reopening of cinemas around the world. With a handful of films surpassing the $ 100 million domestic box office mark, including Disney’s Cruella, Black Widow’s expectations to hit that milestone in record time are now even higher knowing that its release will roughly coincide. close with Loki’s finale. While many thought the Marvel bubble might burst after the phenomenal conclusion to the Infinity Saga, it seems nothing could be further from the truth. Loki airs new episodes every Wednesday on Disney +, while Black Widow hits theaters around the world on July 9.

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