JJ Abrams to Produce Four-Part UFO Docuseries

UFOs have been popping up in the news all year round, and it looks like JJ Abrams is also ready to get involved.

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According to a recent report from Deadline, Abrams is in the process of producing a new four-part documentary series on humanity’s fascination with unidentified flying objects for Showtime. The series, known as UFO, will air later this year, August 8, 2021, and will release all four episodes at midnight.

The series would examine the influence that the US government, private companies and the military can have in hiding the truth behind potential extraterrestrial phenomena. Interest in UFOs saw a massive increase after a 2017 New York Times article in which the Pentagon recognized footage of Navy pilots encountering an unidentified object in the sky.

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UFO will be directed by Mark Monroe and Paul Crowder, and produced by Abram’s Bad Robot production studio, with Glen Zipper’s Zipper Bros Films as producer. The series will also see Zipper, Mark Monroe, Sean Stuart, Ben Stephenson and Rachel Rusch Rich join Abrams as executive producers. Co-executive producers Kevin Lincoln and producers Maren Domzalski and Paul McGuire are also attached to the project.

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