#EragonRemake Trends As Eragon Fans Bomb Disney For New Adaptation

At a time when fan power is supposed to have some sort of pull in Hollywood, the fantasy film Eragon is the latest property to get a fan campaign to get a “good fit”. Based on the novel by Christopher Paolini, the first book in the “Legacy Cycle” was adapted for theaters by 20th Century Fox in 2006. The film starred Jeremy Irons, Rachel Weisz and Ed Speelers, and grossed 250 million dollars on the back. of its $ 100 million budget. However, although director Stefan Fangmeier predicted that they would do the remaining two books back to back, that did not happen. Now, with Fox having been bought out by Disney, fans think it’s time for the House of the Mouse to do the books right.

Under the direction of the author himself, over 30,000 tweets have been posted to Disney in the hope that creating enough noise will have an effect similar to the hashtag “release the Snyder Cut”. What has fueled the fire a lot is recent news from Percy Jackson & The Olympians writer Rick Riordan that Disney will be developing a new live-action series based on his books to give them a more faithful version. and, hopefully, better received than the 2010 Fox film Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief.

Paolini posted: “Bring the thunder of the Alagasans! Let @Disney hear you roar! Use the hashtag #EragonRemake, mention @Disney in the body of the tweet and let them know we want to see a true ‘Eragon’ adaptation!”

Bring thunder to the Alagaësians! Let @Disney hear you roar! Use the hashtag #EragonRemake, mention @Disney in the body of the tweet and let them know that we want to see a good adaptation of Eragon!
More info here: https://t.co/smmYs9ufPY
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– Christopher Paolini (@paolini) June 20, 2021

The hashtag immediately started to become a global trend on Twitter, with fans of the book series joining the cause to make as much noise as possible to get Disney’s attention. Many hoped that a well-done series would be a rival for just about any other fantasy series. “A gold mine is an understatement @Disney An #EragonRemake would crush Game of Thrones if done right, ”one said. Another gave her even greater potential, saying, “@disney wake up !!! #EragonRemake is what everyone wants !!!! Imagine if you had the right to Lord though the Rings; IT’S LITERALLY BETTER AND YOU CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN! Let’s go !!!!! “

While comparisons to Game of Thrones and the mighty Lord of the Rings will be upset by some, the “Inheritance Cycle” book series is highly regarded and has a very large fan base. “Eragon” was the third best-selling children’s hardcover book in 2003 and the second biggest paperback in 2005. To put that in the context of the movie version, the film currently holds a miserable 16% approval rating. on Rotten Tomatoes, with some scathing reviews citing Eragon being “without much texture or depth” and the movie itself “generic”, which is hammered home by the comment that “nine-year-olds with no knowledge of any of the six Star Wars films would find the original film. “

With the big companies fantastic right now, some would say it’s a great time for Disney to dive into this particular Fox franchise, but with so many other similar properties already in development with mega budgets at stake, the question is. is whether Disney would be willing to invest that much money in something with a questionable on-screen past when they already have so many guaranteed wins on the slate. Only time will tell.

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