End of Greenland: what kind of world is left for the Garrity family

How things ended for the Garrity family in Greenland

After the whirlwind which is the second act of Greenland, the Garrity family arrives at the final plane towards the hidden bunker. After a daring landing on the now-disabled plane, the pilot (played by Mindhunter star Holt McCallany) brings passengers to safety, but the same can’t be said for himself. Once ashore, the survivors are picked up by the military and taken to a bunker complex just as Clarke makes an impact in Europe, instantly killing billions of people.

Nine months later, we see what remains of the big cities of the world like Sydney, Chicago, Mexico City, Paris as we hear radio conversations from the various bunkers. Finally, with much of the world decimated, the Garrity Family and the other survivors enter the New World with a mixture of hope and fear for what lies ahead.

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