Black Widow’s IMAX poster arrives with new TV spot and featurette

A vibrant new poster for Marvel’s IMAX release Black Widow is out now, giving us a glimpse of the titular superhero in his new white armor. It was recently announced that Black Widow will also offer 22 minutes of “full IMAX” visuals, giving the image the 1.90: 1 aspect ratio that uses the full IMAX screen, something that will likely be used for keep audiences coming back to the movies when the film hits screens next month.

Check out the all new @IMAX poster for # / lWY1ypdnNV

– Asad Ayaz (@asadayaz) June 8, 2021

Black Widow finds Natasha Romanoff forced to face the darker parts of her famous ledger when a dangerous conspiracy linked to her past arises. Pursued by a force that will stop at nothing to bring her down, Natasha must face her spy story and the broken relationships left in its wake long before she becomes an Avenger. Black Widow will provide insight into the origins of one of the founders of the Avengers, even revealing details regarding the famous Budapest mission.

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Joining Scarlett Johansson, who will likely reprise the title role for the last time, Black Widow features a stellar supporting cast that includes Florence Pugh as Yelena, David Harbor as Alexei / The Red Guardian, and Rachel Weisz as the role. by Melina. The focus was on Florence Pugh’s Yelena, who will provide a sister figure to Romanoff and was also trained in the Red Room as a Black Widow. Director Cate Shortland has revealed that Romanoff will be “handing over [Belova] the staff “in the film, which would” propel another female storyline, “suggesting that after Natasha’s death, Yelena would pick up the baton, potentially leading her to step into the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Johansson, meanwhile, got nothing but praise for Pugh’s performance, saying, “She has a really great career ahead of her… she’s a very special person.” Although Johansson was quick to add that Black Widow is not just a wonder origin story for his replacement. “Even though that’s obviously where everyone wants to go and wants to think – think about the sequel – this movie never really felt like that was what it was trying to emphasize.”

Johansson, who has played Black Widow since Iron Man 2 in 2010, has since discussed his feelings about leaving the role after all this time. “It’s definitely bittersweet because I love my Marvel family,” she said. “I’ll never be ready not to be a part of it. They’ll always be part of the family. I’ll never feel ready not to be a part of it because I hate feeling like I’m missing out on stuff with And who knows? Maybe at some point we will have the opportunity to collaborate in another way.

Like many films over the past year, Black Widow has struggled to reach the big screen amid the current global situation. After being repeatedly delayed, Black Widow is now set to release in the US on July 9, 2021, simultaneously in theaters and via Disney + with Premier Access. This will be the first installment in Marvel’s Phase Four of the MCU. This comes to us from the president of marketing, The Walt Disney Studios Asad Ayaz.

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