These gorgeous bracelets, earrings and necklaces will complete your bridal look, because wedding day jewelry goes * well * beyond the ring

When planning a wedding, the lists are your life. You’ve sorted your wedding dress, maybe you’ve made an epic find on the street, or maybe you’ve chosen a chic suit … Obviously the engagement and wedding ring are ticked … Shoes fabulous? Yeah. Oh, and your bridal lingerie is planned too. What about some wedding day jewelry? A little something shiny or shiny will complement your wedding attire, so we’ve found the best wedding jewelry to choose from. Hey, you are welcome.

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Jewelry choices are just as personal as the dress you choose, but there are permanent wedding day trends that will always stay in style. Diamonds will make up any engagement ring and the fact that “diamonds are forever” will always make them a meaningful jewelry choice for the wedding day. Lab-grown diamonds offer a more conscious alternative to mined gemstones, if durability is your priority. Recycled gold is also emerging as a brilliantly considered option.

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If your bridal palette is pale, pearls will still look luxurious. Their natural shine gives you that extra sparkle and you can choose silver or yellow gold frames that suit your own style. Echoing the trend for botanical weddings, organic-looking, nature-inspired jewelry is an eternally chic choice. Daisies, roses or leaves allow you to incorporate jewelry with a hidden meaning into your outfit and likewise, all the vintage details – whether it’s an actual antique or something brand new with vintage vibes – will always add personality to a simple dress.

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Bohemian dresses, like Carrie Symon’s brilliant rented dress, call for equally ethereal jewelry. If your dress has a high neck and long sleeves, focus on the earrings, like the adorable Daisy earrings from Daisy Jewelery. If you are having a ceremony or a nighttime party, Amina Muaddi’s crystal earrings would look great with an updo. The extra bling also works wonderfully with more minimal dresses.

If you’ve chosen a babydoll style dress or a V-neck, try a necklace, like Chopard’s diamond flower or Swarovski cut crystal necklace – which could also be your “something blue” if you’re not. not in a garter. (Neither do we TBH.) You can bring a pop of color to an all-white look with Thomas Sabo’s rainbow necklace or Jia Jia’s moonstone bracelet. When so much stress can rest on * The Dress *, shop for wedding day jewelry is definitely the fun part. Are you inspired?

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