Tessica Brown launches own line of hair care products

There is no doubt that Tessica Brown started the year in a very memorable way when she earned the name “Gorilla Glue Girl”. However, it looks like she’s taking the lessons she’s learned and using them to launch her own line of hair care products.

She spoke with TMZ about her new business, which is “Forever Hair”. She told the site that she is looking to create products for those who have suffered damage and hair loss after her own personal experience. Some of the products she will start with are hairspray, hair growth drops, and edge control.

She reassured that unlike the “Gorilla Glue” she used on her hair earlier this year, her products will not have the same result and will wash out of your hair easily. As you may recall in February, Tessica took to social media for answers after revealing she used ‘Gorilla Glue’ adhesive on her hair after running out of hairspray ” Gots 2 Be ”.

Her struggle to try to remove the glue from her hair instantly made her go viral, and she was able to raise thousands of dollars as she searched for a solution. She then received help from Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Michael Obeng, who performed a $ 12,500 free procedure, which ultimately helped her hair return to its natural state.

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TSR STAFF: Jade Ashley @ Jade_Ashley94

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