Stephen A. Smith calls out NBA players in Rant & Walks Off Set – says they don’t speak up for black coaches (video)

Stephen A. Smith has moved on and has a lot to say as usual. This time he had to walk away after uttering his rant.

On a recent episode of “First Take,” Stephen A. Smith called out NBA players, in response to the promotion of Celtics head coach Brad Stevens to president of basketball operations.

Stephen said in part, “NBA players are some of the most powerful people in this world. When did they speak out for black coaches? When? When did they speak up for black leaders, general managers, president of basketball operations? When did it happen ?”

He went on and also mentioned LeBron James. “LeBron, all… everyone… Where the hell were they?” Nobody did anything.

Before leaving the set and letting us know he was pissed off he also said: “You know what I’m up to.[ing] a way. I’ll be right back. I’m afraid to say something that might get me in trouble. I am pissed! I am pissed!”

Stephen is not the only person to have denounced the lack of diversity.

Last year Chris Paul said, “The league is mostly made up of African American players. So you would like to see more people in higher management positions ”, Paul told reporters. “The league told us that, and it’s up to us, the players and the union to hold on to it to ensure that more people of color and women continue in these leadership positions throughout. of the league, ”Bleacher Report said.

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