Sean Kingston shares that he once cheated on his girlfriend with another woman while they were in the same house

Sean Kingston has told the whole truth and nothing but the truth while sharing it with the ladies on the “Lips Service” podcast. Guests are known to open up on past or present relationships, and Sean Kingston has been completely real about the one time he cheated while in a relationship.

During the episode, the “Beautiful Girls” singer said, “I’m not gonna lie, I did stuff where she was upstairs and fucked another girl downstairs, but she got me. made it so mad at the point – and that’s the only time I’ve cheated in a relationship, because I don’t cheat. But she did it so bad – she hacked my iCloud, she hacked my damn Instagram, she hacked all kinds of stuff, bro. Like, imagine.

Angela Yee, Gigi McGuire and Lorel were all shocked by his confession.

Nonetheless, he continued to express that he thought the whole process was so flawless on his behalf because his then girlfriend thought he was in the downstairs studio with friends, but in actually he was with another woman.

The ladies continued to ask if he and his then-girlfriend shared the bills in their house, but he went on to say that he took care of everything, and Lorel added, “That’s why he had the feels like he could do it, it’s dirty. “

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