Paris Hilton “likes” tweets about not hearing Britney “personally”

No strong emotions? Paris Hilton hinted that she wasn’t offended by Britney spears“commented on her during the singer’s guardianship hearing.

The reality TV star, 40, “liked” a series of tweets in defense of the pop star, 39, after Spears gave his verdict in court on Wednesday, June 23. “I hope Paris Hilton doesn’t personally take what Britney said,” the one post read. “What she meant was that she understood how difficult it was to be believed by people on the outside. I’m sure she believes it now. #FreeBritney. “

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Another Twitter user wrote: “I think Paris Hilton will understand what she doesn’t mean. [sic]. Keep in mind that they are friends and have probably discussed it.

The “likes” insinuated that Hilton understood Spears’ intentions when the Grammy winner took her to court. “Someone calls Paris and tells her Britney didn’t mean anything personal with what she said,” a third post read, while another suggested, “Paris Hilton understands what Britney does. meant during his speech. She knows that doesn’t mean she doesn’t believe her, but that it was an example! #FreeBritney. “

The “Toxic” singer – who declared her desire to end her guardianship during the hearing – brought up the earlier abuse allegations by the former Simple Life man. “To be honest with you, Paris Hilton’s story of what they did to her at this school, I couldn’t believe it at all,” she said. “I’m sorry.… I’m a stranger and I’m just going to be honest I didn’t believe it, and maybe I’m wrong and that’s why I didn’t want to say any of this to the audience because I thought that people would make him laugh at me or laugh at me and say, “She’s lying, she’s got it all, it’s Britney Spears.” I’m not lying. I just want my life back. “

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Hilton claimed in her documentary This Is Paris, released in September 2020, that she was abused at Provo Canyon School in Utah. She then testified about her alleged experience in February.

“I have been verbally, mentally and physically assaulted on a daily basis,” she told the Utah Senate Justice, Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Committee. “I was cut off from the outside world and deprived of all my human rights. I was not allowed to be myself.

Hilton and Spears have been friends for over a decade. The heiress revealed during a September 2020 appearance on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen that she saw her boyfriend over the summer and claimed she didn’t think the singer’s tutelage was “fair”.

Meanwhile, the mother of the House of Wax star, Kathy hilton, and sister, Nicky hilton, reacted to Spears’ remarks on Wednesday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live. “She should know that we believe her. Free Britney! the businesswoman, 37, said.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, 62, has admitted that she is unfamiliar with the legal battle surrounding the pop princess. However, she had only kind words for her: “She is such a sweet girl and a good girl.”

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