Original ‘The Five Heartbeats’ Cast Meet at Tribeca Film Festival to Celebrate Film’s 30th Anniversary

“Heartbeats, front and center !! Roommates, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of “The Five Heartbeats” which happened in March of this year, all of the movie’s original stars (including “Big Red” and “Flash”) celebrated the milestone at the recent Tribeca Film Festival.

Released on March 29, 1991, fan-favorite musical drama “The Five Heartbeats” chronicled the rise and fall of a fictional 1960s R&B group that drew inspiration from bands like The Temptations and The Four Tops.

The iconic film starring Robert Townsend, Leon, Harry J. Lennix, Michael Wright and Tico Wells still resonates with fans 30 years later, which is why social media went crazy when the film’s cast finally got together. at the Tribeca Film Festival to discuss the making of the film and its impact on black culture.

Robert Townsend, who directed the film, has previously released a documentary on the making of “The Five Heartbeats,” recalling how difficult it was to get into theaters and all of the many casting changes that were made prior to the movie. start of filming… including the recast of the role of Eddie King Jr. which was originally written for Denzel Washington.

Another little-known fact about the film is that it was co-written by Keenan Ivory Wayans, who capitalized on the success of his legendary “In Living Color” comedy sketch series, which premiered shortly before.

As for the music for “The Five Heartbeats,” all of the songs the band sang in the film were voiced by classic R&B band The Dells, although the actors who played the fictional band did a job. lip-syncing so incredible that many were shocked to learn they weren’t singing themselves.

It’s really good to see all the actors of this legendary film again!

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