M&S has launched a new line of nude lingerie, ensuring women of all sizes and skin tones are represented

Nude or flesh-colored lingerie has often been overlooked in the fashion industry’s efforts for diversity and inclusion. For a long time (too long) a “nude bra” meant one thing: a beige bra, sometimes a pinkish beige bra. To say that it was hard to find lingerie to suit a whole range of skin tones is, well, a huge understatement.

That’s why this week, Marks & Spencer – reportedly the UK’s ‘biggest bras and panties retailer’ – launched the ‘Nothing Neutral About It’ lingerie campaign, featuring more colors, more sizes and more choices in neutral bras and panties. The brand claims the campaign is the result of clients and colleagues saying they need to do more and push for inclusiveness.

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“It sparked a greater conversation about the products we sell, right down to the colors the industry uses and how we sell them,” a press release from the “Nothing Neutral About It” campaign read. . “A lot of it was around the terms ‘neutral’ and ‘nude’. We set to work on creating a new definition of neutral with a truly inclusive range. So every woman – regardless of shape and color – has a real choice and can look and feel fabulous. “

The M&S lingerie team has partnered with the Culture and Heritage Network to add five new shades – Opaline, Rich Amber, Rich Quartz, Rose Quartz & Topaz – to help redefine the idea of ​​“neutral lingerie”. In terms of sizes, M&S bras are available in AA – H and panties in sizes 6-28.

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“We listened when our clients and colleagues told us that we didn’t fully understand color, both in the choices available and in the way we talked about neutral hues,” said Laura Charles, director of the M&S lingerie. “From product offering to names to marketing, we have worked hand in hand with our colleague from the Culture and Heritage network to deliver a campaign of which we are proud and a range of underwear that offers more colors. , more sizes and more choices so that all of our clients have the freedom to complement or contrast with their individual skin tone in a way that matches their personal style. “

We hope to see even more of the brand’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.

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