Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world again at $ 193.5 billion

#Roommates, following his announcement earlier this week that he is officially on an upcoming trip to space, billionaire Jeff Bezos has more to be happy about as he’s just topped a very important list, again. Although he’s quite familiar with being known as the richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos recently took a two-week plunge into second place, but has now reclaimed his throne.

According to @Forbes, at the end of last month, Jeff Bezos shocked the world when he was pushed from his pedestal to the top of the “richest people in the world” by LVMH director Bernard Arnault. However, his time as a wealth finalist is officially over, as he’s now back in number one thanks to his staggering net worth of $ 193.5 billion. The Amazon founder rose to the top thanks to Amazon shares closing 2% above normal and officially increasing his net worth by $ 3.5 billion in a single day.

While most of Bezos’ wealth is owed to his Amazon stocks, he also has around $ 19 billion in cash and investments, $ 500 million in real estate as well as his holdings in the Washington Post and Blue Origin, which is the aerospace company that he will embark with his brother on his space trip on July 20.

While many saw their fortunes plummet during last year’s COVID-19 pandemic, Jeff Bezos actually increased his fortune by $ 80.5 billion, which is likely due to the fact that millions people continually buy all of their essentials from Amazon when most of the world was completely shut down.

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