If You’re Getting Married You Must See These 17 Gorgeous Wedding Rings That Are Anything But Boring

In a year when the world of weddings has been turned upside down, it is only natural that the traditional wedding ring should be given a makeover as well.

From the dresses we wear – or not (because pantsuits, big brands and mini-lengths are all in it) … to the way we deliver (hello, Zoom engagements!) … with whom we celebrate (welcome the ceremini) … and how we do it (botanical themes … Friday Weddings …) the most traditional element of the ceremony – the alliance – remains a constant. (Hey, we’ll take any excuse to add an accessory.) But just because it’s traditional doesn’t have to look * old-fashioned *.

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The days when yellow gold – or platinum – rings were the only option are only a distant memory. Brides can now have as much fun buying their wedding ring as their engagement ring. Sprinkle as many diamonds as you want or choose other gemstones instead. Opt for twisted, pinched or hammered finishes. Mix your metals. There are so many amazing wedding rings to choose from, look beyond the trends and pick something you love as much as the person you marry. Exaggeration? We think not …

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Some of our favorite wedding rings can be purchased online instead of IRL, so once you’ve figured out which ring you want, be sure to measure your finger correctly – read our guide for tips. There’s also nothing in the new Bridal Rulebook that says your wedding ring has to be basic. Yes, you have to be thinking about how she looks with your engagement ring, but that’s it! We’ve fallen in love with Pacharee’s gold-plated ring encrusted with tiny freshwater pearls and adore ECOne’s hammered yellow gold bracelet which is crafted from recycled gold and shines without being sparkling. If rose gold is your favorite finish, Chopard’s icicle ring is a fantastic option while Cartier’s iconic trinity ring – in white, rose, and yellow gold – will take all the regret out of whatever metal you choose.

All you have to do is choose the lingerie you are going to wear, your shoes and… yes, back to the dress!

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