Falynn Guobadia says she doesn’t blame Porsha Williams for her divorce, maintains she never cheated on Simon Guobadia

Roommates, after days of waiting, Faylnn Guobadia has finally published his interview on the subject of the still talked about scandal of her ex-husband Simon Guobadia and the sudden engagement of her “RHOA” co-star Porsha Williams. In less than an hour, Falynn answered the questions everyone wanted to know, but certainly didn’t spill the outrageous tea that many were probably hoping for.

After opening the interview by explaining how she became a member of the cast on “Real Housewives of Atlanta”, why she wasn’t asked to come back for another season, how she met Simon and their family dynamics during their short marriage, Falynn Guobadia fell apart, as fans expected.

When asked how she found out that Simon and Porsha were engaged, she revealed that she was told about the news like the rest of the world … from social media. She clarified, pointing out how she just couldn’t believe it was true, until she finally had to accept it.

Then came perhaps the most burning question of the interview, when Falynn was asked who she blamed for the end of her marriage to Simon – and her response was the most surprising part of the interview. She said she didn’t blame Porsha for her impending divorce, but instead blamed herself and Simon as she said they were both responsible for their marriage breakdown.

Regarding the recent cheating allegations that Simon made, Falynn quickly shut them down and firmly stated that she “had not cheated on my husband”. However, when asked if Simon was also loyal to her, she paused briefly and explained something he said to her in couples therapy.

While discussing marital issues in therapy, she said Simon said, “Simon doesn’t get caught unless Simon wants to get caught”, referring to whether or not he was cheating, something that Falynn said she never forgot.

It looks like this interview should put an end to this whole situation… but we’re not quite sure yet.

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